Sheena consistently models professionalism and promotes a caring, compassionate attitude towards women and healthcare professionals. Leading by example, her passion and commitment to improving the experience of maternity care for childbearing women has moved and inspired me deeply. I first met Sheena when she was giving a talk on the importance of language around birth, something she continues to promote and which I too take very seriously. Her mindful approach to language and communication makes her highly personable and as such she is widely loved and appreciated by the midwives of the future (students).

Sheena gives talks across the UK, listening to, and giving a voice to midwives working today and using social media to create virtuous circles and networks of healthcare professionals globally. Sheena has supported me, not just with her words but with her solid presence – she really listens and makes time for people, modelling the true meaning of midwife as ‘with woman’, with integrity and warmth.

Olivia Silverwood-Cope

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