Sheena is one of the most prolific and influential midwives in the world. Her words, her presence, her presentations, her approach to life and practice, bring a positive urge to improve, to overcome challenges, to provide better midwifery and maternity care for all.


Professor Lesley Page

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The push for normalizing childbirth in Bulgaria has been fairly consistent in the past 10 years. In the last three years, however, we have made a major leap mostly because of foreign experts who took our struggle to heart and committed their time and effort to help us progress faster.


Yoana Stancheva & Ilona Neshkova
Zebra Midwives – Bulgaria

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I am a registered midwife and have known Sheena for four years, during which time she has acted as a midwifery advisor, mentor and role model through my training and early months as a qualified midwife.


Olivia Silverwood-Cope

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Co-lead of Midwifery Unit Network

In collaboration with the Royal College of Midwives, the Midwifery Unit Network offers support to those wishing to develop midwifery units (birth centres), and to already established midwifery units. The network acts as a hub to share good practice and information resources, and be a community of practice with a shared philosophy essential to offer consistent, excellent and safe care for women and their families.